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6 Session Package

$1600 AUD or 6 monthyl instalments of $297
  • The package includes monthly Sessions.
  • 6 x 60 minute NLP Mindset Coaching, Psych-K® and Energy Healing Sessions

3 Month Intensive

$5997 AUD or 3 monthly instalments of $2333
  • This series includes
  • 6 Fortnightly Sessions. They are 90 minute Psych-K®, NLP Mindset Coaching and Energy Healing Sessions.
  • 6 Fortnightly 15 minute Psych-K® Power Up Calls
  • 30 Minute Voice messenger support each week
  • Lifetime Access to my 6 week online Program: Awaken Your Intuition
  • 3 NLP Processes / Meditations. Delivered monthly (lifetime access).

Awaken Your Intuition Immersion

$997 or 3 fornightly instalments of $397
  • The 6 Week Online Immersion to Awaken Your Intuition As You Step Into Your Most Confident, Authentic and Empowered Self
  • Includes:
  • 💫 6 x 1 Hour Pre-recorded Weekly Energy Clearings using Soul Psychology
  • 💫 6 Weekly Mindset and Energy videos
  • 💫Lifetime access to the recordings (priceless)

I'm not here for shallow.


I'm not here for surface level or an unwillingness to go deeper.


I LOVE supporting people at their lows… at their lowest - or at any level of depth that they are in.. really.


I love guiding people from this place and leading them through spiritual healing methods that help them:


  • Process
  • Heal
  • Gain the wisdom
  • Get clarity around what they can change
  • Explore new perspectives and how they can think differently
  • Actually EXPERIENCE seeing their situations from a higher perspective And
  • Connecting to the Divine WITHIN THEMSELVES
  • Connecting to their Highest self
  • Providing them with tools That’s what I’m passionate about.


Coming out of each session fills me up with the brightest light and gratitude that I got to be of service to someone in this beautiful way.


It’s actually why I also created a meditation community. Monthly meditation spaces in my local area where people can connect to themselves and receive their own Inner Guidance - that is directly FOR them.


Why this lights me up:


Because of the feeling I get inside.


But also because I know that as a result of that person experiencing THAT LEVEL of inner connection with their Soul. With their spirit. With their Higher Self…


They are unequivocally changed from that.


They are transformed from that experience.


And their life changes as a result of that.


They have new experiences - not only in that area we focused on - but it ripples out into many areas.




Because we are shifting things at a CORE LEVEL.


From the deepest seated beliefs and patterns that they have carried from childhood, trauma, past lives (if you have that belief system) and/or from generational lineage.


We go that deep.


I’m here for the DEEP DEEP healing. Not for surface level.


I don’t do surface.


What I know I leave my client with after their sessions with me, is that this beautiful soul now KNOWS the possibility of the depth they’re capable of connecting to .. within themselves.


And they will touch the lives of many many people in their world as a result of that.


That’s what I’m here for.


Not to TELL you your future


TELL you what you need to do.


That’s giving your power away to someone outside of you and not taking responsibility for your life.


I don’t work with people that are actively running away from their power.


I work with people that are intentionally seeking ways to heal and feel empowered and they’re looking for LOVING support.


I GUIDE you WITHIN.. To connection with that Divine Soul of yours to RECEIVE the wisdom that LIVES within YOU.


This is what you can expect if you work with me.




We deep dive and gently uncover the core limiting beliefs and patterns


ELEVATE OUR CONSCIOUSNESS - TOGETHER - as we EXPAND to connect with possibility and limitless potential.


Connecting with your Soul Essence.


To the part of you that IS ONE with universal consciousness.


The version of you that is whole and complete.


I use a range of healing modalities as we connect to your conscious and unconscious blocks, gently bringing them into your awareness in words and language that you previously felt you couldn’t express. Blocks that you could sense, but felt, you couldn’t quite identify.


I guide and teach you how to connect with the stagnant, heavy energy in your mind and body as we use energy processes to facilitate healing - somatics.


Tuning into bodily sensations and using them as a gateway for healing and growth.


In connecting with energy that’s been keeping you feeling stuck..


I hold a safe space for you to FEEL.


Because if you don’t feel it,

you can’t process it

and it stays stuck there

and continues to weigh you down,

often getting heavier and heavier over time - a burden you most likely know well.


Repatterning subconscious beliefs and instilling empowering ones is also foundational key in my sessions.


Who am I?


I’m a spiritual guide, healer, Psych-K® facilitator and evidential medium with over a decade of experience, having helped hundreds of souls on their healing journeys.

My mission is empowering highly empathic individuals to feel in control of their mind, body, emotions & ultimately - their life.

Going through struggle internally and need support?

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