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Welcome! I'm Christine

I'm so glad you're here. I support mums and women in business and leadership roles who struggle with anxiety, depression, anger, being highly sensitive or feel like they can’t control their emotions.

I am passionate about empowering women to master and manage their energy and emotions, heal, rewire their mindset for success and awaken their intuition so that they can show up each day as the best version of themselves.

For the last 10 years, I have worked with hundreds of women to heal their past, connect with their inner guidance system, achieve Emotional Mastery and take back control of their mind, body and their life.

I'm a Psych-K® Facilitator, NLP Mindset Coach, Energy Healer and Medium


has been a complete GAME-CHANGER in my business!

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I'm here to show you how you can Master Your Emotions so that you can feel more calm, in control, aligned, fully back yourself and feel Divinely supported!

Life can feel overwhelming when we are stuck in our minds and disconnected from our inner wisdom.

Psych-K® is a process that I use in my sessions to change your thoughts and beliefs at a subconscious level - IN MINUTES!


"It is designed to engage and activate the inner resources of the subconscious and superconscious minds" Rob Williams

With open lines of communication to our inner guidance system, we are able to easily connect with our innate power.

It is a place of divine truth.

This is where we feel unshakeable faith and self-belief.

In private sessions with me you can expect to truly become the best version of yourself as a result of..

  • Clearing away the resistance that has been keeping you stuck in old self sabotaging behaviours
  • Learning how to connect to your bodies wisdom and manage your energies and emotions
  • Supercharging your self confidence and
  • Awakening and Amplifying the voice of your intuition

When you deeply connect with your intuition,

you begin to receive direct guidance because you have your very own personal inner navigation system. You just need to know how to use it to your advantage.


In turn,

you connect with your most authentic self.


As a result of this, my clients have seriously expanded their businesses and created healthy relationships with their family and friends. They are able to confidently speak up, comfortably express their truth and feel safe to be themselves.


They feel EMPOWERED!


If you want to feel more in control of your mind, your body, your emotions and your reactions - and ultimately your life, then I’d say you’re ready to up-level with some support.

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Client Love

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Working with Christine has been life-changing. Before I was experiencing daily anxiety and panic attacks but now I am well equipped with the tools/practices I need to overcome these feelings. Every single session has been mind-blowing and for the first time in years I feel whatever was blocking me from achieving my best has gone. 

Also.. So very grateful for my huge session with Christine. I started out not really knowing what we were going to cover... and by the end I had discovered my true life purpose !!! It was magical, you have a special gift Christine, and I can’t wait for you to touch the lives of even more souls. Thank you so much

Sarah Jane McBean

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I was referred to Christine by a friend, and at the time I was just feeling lost. I felt like I had started to lose my way and my spunk (especially in my career) I had lost the ability to listen to my gut, trust myself and know what path to follow. I didn't even know exactly what it was I wanted from my sessions but I just knew it was something I needed to do.

And WOW, I'm so glad that I did. 

Working with Christine has given me the clarity that I so desperately wanted. She has helped me to look within and find what it is that I want. She has given me the tools to approach situations in a more mindful and less reactive way. Since working with Christine I feel EMPOWERED.

The thing that I love the most about the energy sessions is that there are things that are so deep within us we don't even realise they are there effecting our day to day life. This brings awareness to that, and awareness is power. It's allowed me to let go of things that were holding me back, and I am so excited to say I am kicking but again!

I had tried a "life coach" in the past, but she didn't empower me or give me the insight like Christine. It was a completely different experience all together. Christine is so kind, trustworthy and you can just tell how passionate she is about helping people break the patterns and thoughts that are holding us back.

Since starting with Christine my business has doubled! I am a better wife, friend and leader. I am more in tune with my instincts and she has helped me find my inner voice and most importantly - trust it. And that has led me on a journey of finding my way, doing things that make me HAPPY and in turn finding fulfilment. 

I will forever be grateful for Christine and what she has given me. If you are looking for someone to work with to level up your life, or help if you are feeling cornered - please contact Christine, I cannot recommend her enough! She is an angel that has changed my world!

Emma Savage